through circuit

Working within the typology of low-rise rowhouses, this project proposes an increase in the typical density and a reversal of the street frontage relationship in order to create visual and physical connections through the site. These moves allow for the development of a backyard space which extends the living zone of each unit and provides access for all residents to a multi-level public zone. By assigning different programmatic identities to the backyard and the frontyard, the stair cores that connect the two become part of a network of circuits through the site. The units themselves are a mixture of sizes, ranging from a studio unit to a three-bedroom two-story family unit with the intention that multiple generations can occupy a building while still providing a sense of a home for families.

g_port38 g_port39 g_port40 g_port41 g_port42 g_port43 g_port44 g_port45 g_port46 g_port47 g_port48

Fall 2010
The University of Michigan TCAUP
Critic: Vivian Lee
+Collaboration with Melinda Rouse
+Exhibited in the TCAUP Student Show, 2011
+Featured in the TCAUP NAAB-Accredidation Exhibit, 2011


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