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A series of lightweight cables support a fabric surface suspended in the space above the stair. When one enters the staircase, a motion sensor activates the surface, changing its form through a sequence of transformations enacted by small motors attached to the fabric.

By installing the piece above the stair, the dramatic height of the space is emphasized. The material presence makes one aware of the height, drawing the eye through the space and creating a visual connection between the two levels. Using a lightweight fabric, the natural light from above becomes integral to the experience. Likewise, the fabric takes on a new character at night, illuminated from the artificial light above and below. The installation creates different experiences from multiple viewpoints, namely the exterior, the upper vestibule, the staircase itself, and the space below leading to the Interfaith Reflection Room. Even from the exterior, the movement of the fabric is visible, further drawing people into and through the staircase. Utilizing our team’s experience with installation scale work involving electronics and large fabric pieces, we aim to maximize the budget to create not only a visual impact, but also to truly engage the users by involving their movement in the experience.


Pierpont Commons Installation Competition

Winter 2011

in collaboration with Sara Dean and Melinda Rouse


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